"The Lenny Popkin trio is not like anything you might have heard before in Jazz. A trio composed of Eddie Gomez on bass, Carol Tristano on drums, and the saxophone of Lenny Popkin.
We are treated here to two revisited standards ("You Don't Know What Love Is" and Body and Soul" - starting points for the lyrical flights of Lenny Popkin and those of his musical companions) as well as seven originals - pure moments of collective improvisation of a rare density in which each musician is listening to the others in a complete communion.
It is of a beauty that takes your breath away. It causes you to dream and your imagination to soar. Whether the tempo is slow ("New York Moment") or fast ("Conundrum"), Lenny Popkin and his associates will have you passing marvelous moments, singing the music, experiencing the thrill of their exhilaration.
It is a CD bursting with humanity, originality, and confidence in the future."
Michel Bedin - Prestige Audio Video Magazine

"A model of artistic integrity, the saxophonist has a way of improvising that we no longer hear today. He creates fleeting lines - as delicate as the smoke of a cigarette. What emerges is a diaphanous music, as free as air, which permits one to share his dreams."
Vincent Bessières - Jazzman

"Sensibility, feeling, emotion and song. All things that are very rare in these times. Long and serene improvisations - re-visiting and re-inventing the harmonic framework of standards. We are close to the art of the fugue.
Elegance, voluptuousness, abandon. Popkin - impressionist of jazz. An astonishing and seductive album."
Pierre-Henri Ardonceau - Jazz Magazine

"Lenny Popkin plays a jazz beyond style - as simple as it is sophisticated. A sort of chamber music of space that juggles with the rules of style, exposition of theme/improvisation from the beginning to the end of the universe, with a stunning fluidity. The tenor saxophone of Lenny Popkin is more than a marvel. Soft and strong at the same time, the American expresses a merry-go-round of emotions so powerful that they attract both purists and novices. A great thing for those thrilled by jazz...the embodiment of an ideal form that is pure but accessible. Impressive."
Olivier Garcia - Music Net Magazine

Lenny Popkin
Eddie Gomez
Carol Tristano

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